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walford_slash's Journal

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Convinced Steve and Beppe were an item? That Dennis is way too pretty to be straight? Missing Tony and Simon being all sweet together? Tired of Derek not having a boyfriend? Think Tiffany and Bianca were screwing each other on the quiet? Think Colin was way underused? Want to see more of Kelly and Zoe together?

You've come to the right place.

This community is for the discussion of slash in EastEnders, the posting of EastEnders slash fics, and the posting of any and all slashy EastEnders pictures.

Got it?

Honesty and constructive criticism and personal opinions are highly prized. However flames will not be tolerated, and if anyone writes them I will come down on you like a biblical plague!

EastEnders RPS is allowed.

Please remember to use LJ-cuts and warnings when appropriate.
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